We have a multidisciplinary team which ensures the proper functioning of our riding. From monitors and expert riders to veterinarian, blacksmith, horses, grooms therapists for horses, etc… Almost 50 years of experience dedicated to the world of the horse behind us  


29-05-08 SALTO DOMA 080

Marta is, undoubtedly, the soul of the equestrian. Will see it always running from one side to another, preparing the next exit, teaching a class on the track, taking horses……

  1. Manager General d’Hípica Mas Paguina
  2. Tècnica d’Esports en Hípica N.II
  3. Monitora d’Equitació per RFHE
  4. Monitora d’Equitació per FCH Directora Esportiva
  5. Examinadora de Galops de l’RFHE disciplina Olímpica
  6. Tècnica en Maneig i Cria de cavalls
Ferrador: Frederic Reig     Veterinària:Marjolein Van der Host     Teràpia Craneosacral: Silvia Martí     Veterinària odontòloga: Maria de Andrés


Floc, Gala and Cane, watch over us and our facilities