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Once the investigation is closed your property will be returned. john February 3, 6:56 pm count( 306 ) My friend was texting a drug dealer and the dealer got arrested and the cops confiscated their phone. In the text history, He wanted to buy some weed, so I told him where and from whom he can get some. However, it could become part of an ongoing investigation. Help me please? Usually in the course of fighting crime and investigating criminal activity, officers collect evidence. about 510 mins later he came back and asked us to step out of the vehicle then searched us.

Jake April 22, 11:12 pm count( 163 ) Theoretically, If police seized my phone after it was stolen (at a crime scene), if this theoretical phone contains music that was less than legitimately acquired (downloaded) can (and is it likely) that it will be followed up (with pirating music charges) in concert with the original investigation? Why in 2 years that woman never appeared in our life ? dejohn June 10, 8:02 pm count( 265 ) my probation officer looked threw my phone and seen a picture of a gun. My friend used to sell but stopped a old gf says she reported him to the cops with proof of txt messages where it states that he was selling and offering people. until the case is closed.

So during when we was running someone wrote on my Facebook status saying running from the popo trapped and a miss call was checked. ) stephanie April 8, 7:19 pm count( 167 ) Just yesterday I got into an accidenent in the school parking lot. I need some advice they never found weed witch would have been worse but I let them beleive we stole to get out of them finding it when we never and no pics or real evidence to show either way!

That depends on the specifics of the case and ongoing investigation. Kayla January 20, 6:33 pm count( 197 ) My husband and I both have cellphones. Contact the police every month or so and ask about its return, but be patient. If the police found the pictures on your phone, they could seize it and hold onto it as evidence while the case is pending. Dear Jess: Cell phones are taken when the contents contribute to evidence of criminal activity.

The police can hold onto any evidence until the case is over. to destroy the cellphone also to not keep them in my house ? tammy what happens when a officer takes your cell phone and then lost it Dear Tammy: Matt September 20, 12:30 pm count( 125 ) How do you sleep at night defending all of these criminals?

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Well, last Thursday my husbend went to his friends drug store to pick up some cream for our son that was orderd for him and when he came out he was apprach by two cops. It is possible for a P.

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As you know there are two sides to every story. Every state and the Bill of Rights talk about your right to be free from unreasonable searches and seizures. Cool Idea for a website but we all know you can do better. If the person who obtained the order reports a violation, the police may conduct an investigation that can include searching a cell phone or computer, with or without a search warrant, depending on the circumstances and laws in your state.

If they do press charges, what are the consequences? About a month later he told me There is a Free Way to Monitor Neighbors Wireless Internet he was short a few and asked me if I knew where to find any so I got him four to six to hold him over until he got his. orlando September 9, 7:10 pm count( 232 ) I live in Audubon nj. The thing is i was not informed till this morning that my phone is with the police. They were charged but police also charged me with drunk in public (I was not drunk). The officer said he was to busy.