In our riding we have available to owners of private horses, two types of location for the horse:

3.5×3 boxes
indoor paddocks

One of the main activities of our riding is intended for the care and handling of horses housed. Therefore, the owners can make use of all the facilities and enjoy surrounded by cattle trails and paths that are found throughout the landscape of the Natural Park Montgrí-Medes and Baix Ter plain Estartit environment and many other routes directed to nearby towns, different, new and different landscapes, typical of Low and High Ampurdán.

Rigorously care feeding our horses, using home-grown foods, and as a result, we can enjoy a select variety of fodder for optimal diet for each horse, depending on their status and their work. All this together with monitoring and supervision of 24 hours and a fixed meal times, it causes the incidence of colic and foodborne illness, is practically nil

We provide services veterinarian, farrier, dentist, craniosacral therapy or natural medicine for horses in need.

Must carry vaccines and deworming a day, plus third party insurance to enjoy this service at our center.

Opening our facilities during 365 days a year: therefore makes it very easy to combine sport and stabling of horses with other activities or work life.

Temporary stays or horses are also supported in transit (check conditions and prices)

A five minute walk from the beach, the mouth of the River Ter and … more !!!!!