Stage Hípic

Riding Stage (June and July) for children between 6 and 15 years, approximately.

At the end of the school year, summer arrives and schedules change; the days are longer and offer l’equitació as an active and useful tool for families to enjoy a sports offering the most comprehensive out there, in every way. Involves passing the mornings from 9:00 to 13:00, al’hípica, Monday through Friday, and many activities related to the world of horses, under the supervision and control of staff. Our method of education has as main objective to achieve a base, learning and perfecting the various techniques l’equitació while, l’estimació and foster respect for animals, teamwork, and try to grow new things, taking more and more ability to be independent even within a healthy environment surrounded by nature.

The activities carried out are:

Preparation and care of the horse: brush, clean, put grease helmets, protective or veins to work decorating manes and tails, put harnesses, shower, feed them, clean box and pictures .. Classes d’equitació are tiered. There will be field trips and Natural Park, depending on the level of each. Beginners and advanced riding school and on track. Basic theory: assemble, disassemble, move, stop, turn, balance, trotting experimentation …. Theoretical horse coats, breeds, morphology, etc .. This also combined with equestrian games, treasure hunts, equestrian-themed workshops, recreational activities, … By mid-morning, we breakfast included in the price. Also during the week, go to the amusement park, adventure activities and will …. also go to the beach !!! Request more information !!!!

However, due to the result of this Casals was a great success year after year, and after continuing DEMANDS AND PROPOSALS FOR NEW CUSTOMERS, WE Consider two periods D’AMPLIAR MORE SERVICE:

STAGE PRE-SCHOOL: fifteen days before the school year winter STAGE: Christmas … etc. We will inform you !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Remember that if you are interested in having square al’STAGE Riding summer 2015 now open for entries having already sol.licituts for next year, and weekly groups are limited to 20 children each.