The centre is located on more than 5 hectares of land set aside for carrying out the activity in the best way possible and the well-being of the animals themselves. It should be noted the centre has staff available 24 hours a day, 365 days per year, to ensure everyone’s safety. It has a total capacity for 50 horses, of which 25 are used by the school and for equestrian tourism, 4 are for breeding (with their corresponding foals), and the rest are boarders.

At Hípica Mas Paguina, we have the best facilities:

  • A charming social space that can also be used for classroom lessons and audiovisual presentations. This space has a large fireplace that remains lit all day long, which is delightful for everyone who wants to visit on the coldest days.
  • A terrace with a vending service available, offering hot and cold beverages and snacks, with handicapped access.
  • Manager’s office for any administrative need.
  • Toilets for men and women, equipped with showers.
  • A spacious car park, shaded by trees.
  • Boxes, a harness room, paddocks and mini cool-down paddocks, training rings, 3 horse showers and fodder storage.
  • Shop selling clothing and gear, with the Club’s embroidery and/or silk-screen printing.

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