Our multidisciplinary team ensures that our equestrian centre runs smoothly. From instructors and expert riders to our veterinarian, farrier, equine therapists and grooms. We are backed by nearly 50 years of experience dedicated to the world of horses.  
Marta Paguina

Marta Paguina


La Marta is, without a doubt, the soul of the equestrian centre. You’ll always see her running around, preparing for the next outing, teaching class in the ring, bringing out the horses and always thinking about everyone else.

  1. General Manager of Hípica Mas Paguina
  2. Equestrian Sports Technician N.II
  3. Equestrian Instructor for RFHE (Royal Spanish Equestrian Foundation)
  4. Equestrian Instructor for FCH Sports Director
  5. RFHE Galop Examiner for the Olympic discipline
  6. Technician in the Care and Raising of horses


  • Ferrier: Frederic Reig
  • Veterinarian: Mª Antònia Roig
  • Veterinarian: Marjolein Van der Host
  • Craniosacral Therapy: Silvia Martí
  • Veterinary dentist: Maria de Andrés