After years of experience in breeding and training horses, we have managed to create our own herd, where our foals grow up strong and healthy, while serving as a reference in the province of Girona.

We are committed to quality, artisan work, based on a programme of selection that, without sacrificing the innate beauty of the PRE, prioritises qualities for dressage and sports ,above all else. A horse must be something more than a beautiful decoration in a stable. The functionality of our animals is crucial to the full development of their physical potential and their aptitudes for the different equestrian disciplines.

We dedicate a great deal of effort to this goal and our team is very excited by this project, which was created to ensure the health and preparation of our horses and mares. The result is that our herd of mares produces high-quality foals.

We have 8 thoroughbred Spanish mares that we breed once every two years. Some remain at the centre to improve the breed or as school horses; others are sold, but only if (mandatory requirement at our centre) we are guaranteed that they will be well taken care of. We keep tabs on their evolution and condition.

We have 2 foaling stalls measuring 5 × 4 m and a 1 hectare field for rearing the foals. We take scrupulous care to ensure optimal conditions for the foals.