The most common excursions require no special skill and last for one hour; we adapt them to the experience of each person. To ensure the complete success of these activities, groups are always accompanied by qualified instructors with vast experience in this sector. These outings are offered for groups of at least 2 people age 6 and up. There is no age limit. The price for these excursions is €29 per person and reservations are always required. These can be made by calling 00 34 972 75 14 72 or using the contact form available here on our website.
One-hour routes are offered year round.

Beach excursions, early in the morning (leaving at around 8.00 am) or in late afternoon (around 8.00 pm).These last approximately one hour and twenty minutes.: €39 per person.

The maximum weight we authorise for riding our horses is 90kg.

During the summer months, these excursions are held starting at 9.30 pm and until around 11.00 pm. The destination is the beach. Once there, we have a snack. Only FOR CLIENTS WITH A HIGH LEVEL of riding. Minimum age: 7/8 years, with a very good level of riding.

We also offer excursions lasting one and a half hours. The price is €40.There are also longer excursions available: a morning, one day, two days (Not available from June to August).Please consult for prices.

Excursions lasting a minimum of 3 hours and a maximum of 5 hours per day are intended for riders with a medium-high level and are offered in the off season (approximately October-May).Long excursions are available for a minimum of 4 people. We have several pre-established routes, but we are always opening up new ones, with the option to stop and eat at previously agreed restaurants, Two-day trips offer the option to stay the night at lodging establishments prepared to house our horses or near other equestrian centres offering this option. The maximum weight we authorise for riding our horses is approximately 90kg. Please consult for prices.

There’s a lot to see and discover on horseback. Come and have a good time with us!