At our equestrian centre, we have two types of housing arrangements available for private horse owners:

•  3.5 × 3 boxes
• covered paddocks
• In herds in the field

One of the main activities at our centre is aimed at the care and maintenance of the horses housed here.

Owners can use all of our facilities, as well as the surrounding area with livestock tracks and trails found throughout the Montgrí-Medes-Baix Ter Natural Park and L’Estartit plains, as well as many other routes to nearby towns, with different, new and varied landscapes typical of the Baix and Alt Empordà.

We pay very close attention to the nutrition of our horses, using feed we grow ourselves. Thanks to this, we can enjoy a select variety of fodder to achieve the optimal diet for each horse, depending on its condition and work. All of this, along with 24-hour monitoring and supervision and set meal times, reduces the incidence of colic and food-related ailments practically to zero.

We facilitate veterinary, farrier, dentist, craniosacral therapy and natural medicine services for horses that need it.

It is essential to have vaccines and de-worming up to date, in addition to liability insurance in order to benefit from this service at our centre.

Our centre is open 365 days a year, and our opening hours make it very easy to combine this sport and the boarding of horses with other activities and work life.

We also temporarily board horses and provide stabling for horses in transit (please consult prices and conditions)

A five minute walk away is the beach, the mouth of the Ter River and… much more !!!!!